Call me crazy.

After a long day at work most people relax in front of the TV or read a book. I, on the other hand sit on the couch with the TV turned off, a blank piece of paper on my lap and pen in hand, jotting down numbers and figures. While my partner sleeps in bed, I sit in the living room silently thinking about suburbs and statistics until I feel exhausted.

At a young age I never really had an interest in property. I was carefree. I wanted to travel. I never wanted to be tied down with a mortgage.

Alas, I have 2 mortgages, with the third mortgage hopefully due by the end of 2014. I miss being young when all I had to really worry about after work was which restaurant to eat at or which cafe to go to. But I know I’ve hit a stage in my life known as the “acquisition/accumulation” phase where I feel the urge to increase my assets to the best of my ability.

I blame my uncles and aunts for this craziness happening in my head. The family arrived in Australia as new migrants in the 80’s with nothing but a few set of clothes. With hard work and accumulation, they have been able to do extremely well in the property market. This makes me think- as a person who had the opportunity to grow up in Australia, educated in the Australian school system and with mum’s financial support until I graduated from University- I should be able to achieve more than my uncles and aunts, right?

Call me crazy, but these posts are the thoughts that keep me up late at night.